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Our Business

SOLO WHOLESALE SOLUTIONS LLC is a global trader in carbon and graphite products and related raw materials. We specialize in technical advice and arrangement of complex supply of graphite electrodes with nipples, carbon blocks, oil and petroleum coke, calcinated anthracite, pitch and other carbon-related products and raw materials.
In establishing and securing delivery of B2B carbon and graphite products / raw materials we facilitate transportation, expedition, insurance and customs formalities through developing and implementing the most efficient and cost-optimal logistic routes. We leverage delivery costs by arranging the supply of raw materials and buying finished goods from the same counter parties.  We cooperate with a diversified pool of transportation, insurance, custom brokerage services providers operating through North America, Europe, the CIS countries, Asia and Africa.

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Exclusive benefits

  • Securing the diversified supply of high-quality carbon and graphite products and raw materials originated from leading manufacturers / global dealers. We work only with trustworthy suppliers / customers

  • By buying products in bulk with discounts and arranging flexible and structured (starting from 20 tons) supplies, we are committed to meet any urgent unpredicted demand for carbon and graphite products and raw materials to sustain our customers’ operations

  • We provide our customers with flexible and convenient financial terms (up to 100% credit sale). Normally, significant prepayment is required from manufacturers to secure manufacturing and supply in the distant future. We solve these drawbacks constructively

  • As the geography of manufacturers / global dealers and our customers is widespread all over the world, SOLO WHOLESALE SOLUTIONS LLC arranges complex logistics of products delivery. That includes contracting services from transportation companies, insurance companies, custom clearance brokers (if required) and other freight forwarding services

  • SOLO WHOLESALE SOLUTIONS LLC acts as a trusted adviser to our end-use customers on the carbon and graphite market. The critical for us is to meet end-use customers needs


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3411 Silverside Road, Suite 104, Tatnall Building, Wilmington, DE, 19810, County of New Castle, USA

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